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About The Metro Report: A Journey of Empowerment and Diversity

Welcome to The Metro Report, a groundbreaking business publication founded by Shevoyd and Anjie Hamilton. Our mission is clear: to empower women and minorities in the business world. Based in the vibrant city of Fort Worth, Texas, we are dedicated to showcasing the richness of diversity and the spirit of entrepreneurship that thrives in the Lone Star State.

Our vision extends beyond just reporting success stories; we are in the business of creating them. The Metro Report provides a crucial platform for voices that have long been underrepresented in business, breaking barriers and celebrating the achievements of women and minorities. We believe in the power of sharing experiences, insights, and personal journeys to inspire and drive change.

Balancing our commitment to this cause, we, Shevoyd and Anjie, also cherish our downtime with family, enjoy a good book, movies, and actively participate in our church community. Our diverse interests, including a shared enthusiasm for sports and music, reflect the multifaceted nature of our publication.

Growth and impact are at the heart of our journey. We are continuously striving to expand the reach of The Metro Report, ensuring that more people have access to the incredible stories and insights we share. Our publication includes digital news content, a bi-weekly e-newsletter, a bi-monthly e-magazine, and various events—all designed to foster a more inclusive and diverse business world.

Our journey at The Metro Report is more than just a personal endeavor; it’s a commitment to transforming the landscape of entrepreneurship. We are dedicated to leaving a lasting impact, one story at a time, as we champion the cause of inclusivity and diversity in business.

Join us in this journey, as we continue to unfold the narratives that shape our world, at The Metro Report.