Changing the Narrative: Cortney Ketchum

In 2023, CEO Cortney Ketchum founded Review Mediator, an online reputation management enterprise designed to protect and enhance businesses’ brands by strategically managing their online presence. Ketchum leverages her extensive career across multiple Fortune 500 companies and her life experiences regarding change and assistance.

Before launching Review Mediator, Ketchum’s career was deeply rooted in customer experience, e-commerce, and community management. She held pivotal roles at companies such as Walmart and Sprint. “I honed my skills in understanding and meeting customer needs. At Walmart, I delved into e-commerce, focusing on optimizing online shopping experiences and ensuring seamless transactions for customers. I also spearheaded their online reputation management program, building and training teams to address customer concerns and feedback, aiming to elevate overall satisfaction levels,” Ketchum explains.

At Brinks Inc., Ketchum immersed herself in consumer data, learning about digital behavior and data-driven insights to better understand customer behaviors, preferences, and pain points. This experience equipped her with a comprehensive understanding of customer-centric practices, digital landscapes, and the importance of leveraging data to drive impactful outcomes. “It laid the foundation for Review Mediator, where I combined my passion for customer experience with innovative solutions to help businesses navigate online reputation management effectively,” Ketchum states.

Ketchum has a personal understanding of forced or needed change. Due to Hurricane Katrina, she and her family were pushed to relocate to Texas, first to San Antonio, and eventually settling in Fort Worth. “We struggled with changing locations and dealt with the false narrative of being called ‘refugees.’ We were people displaced from our homes due to a catastrophe. We worked hard to re-establish our lives. We deserved to be seen as people needing assistance. We wanted our lives back. We wanted to survive,” she reflects.

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