“The future of Fort Worth will have more art in it and will be a better place for artist growth and incubation”
says Dante Williams, co-founder of TUBMAN Gallery, a brand new space for fine art in East Fort Worth’s
Handley neighborhood.
TUBMAN is a non-commercial contemporary fine art gallery space programmed and led by Senior Director
Matthew Nelson, a Fort Worth native with two decades of experience in independent art. The gallery takes
its name from the American abolitionist and social activist Harriet Tubman, and occupies a 600 square foot
white cube space at 6613 East Lancaster Avenue just off I-820 in the heart of East Fort Worth.
Departing from the traditional commercial gallery format, TUBMAN’s primary goal is creating a sense of
freedom for those who interact with it. The gallery aims to do this by adopting a non-commercial approach to
exhibitions and programming and partnering with community organizations to split the difference in cost.
Traditional galleries typically take commissions from artwork sales (industry standard is up to 50%) as their
primary source of income. This means most of their bottom line comes from artists pockets. Taking a non
traditional non profit based approach gives artists and the audience an opportunity to experience what art.
can be beyond the strict constraints of capitalism and profitability.
TUBMAN is partnering with Community Frontline, the 501(c)(3) nonprofit that describes itself as “a
brotherhood of men who love Fort Worth and are committed to addressing the issues that cause suffering in
our neighborhoods,” of which Williams & Nelson have both been actively part of leadership since its
inception. Donations made to Community Frontline will fund TUBMAN operations and the expansion of
exhibitions and ongoing educational programming.
TUBMAN Gallery will open its doors for the first time Friday April 5, 2024, for their inaugural exhibition I AIN’T
NEVER BELONGED TO JUST ONE PERSON. The show focuses on ideas around ownership in general.
and specifically, ownership of artworks and the means of production in the art world. The gallery itself being.
owned by two serial entrepreneurs who grew up in East Fort Worth, a sense of community ownership of
resources and our future is a theme TUBMAN holds dear.
I AIN’T NEVER BELONGED TO JUST ONE PERSON will feature artwork from a number of artists both from
Texas and abroad including Andrea Price [San Diego], Amandla Baraka [Los Angeles],
REMEMBERCHARLES [Houston] and From, Phyl Studio [Dallas]. The opening reception will take place
April 5 from 6:30 to 10PM and feature a presentation of The Chrononaut, a film by Jordan Riggs [New York
City] and a live musical presentation by Fort Worth’s own Minister Leo Vaughns Jr., Pastor at St. Mark
Cumberland Presbyterian Church. All are welcome and the event is free to attend.
Beyond the opening reception TUBMAN Gallery will hold regular business hours with free admission
Wednesday to Saturday 12PM to 6PM and by appointment on Sunday. More information about TUBMAN’s
schedule and exhibition program is available at


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