The Brilliance Ball: A STEMspired Experience

FORT WORTH, TEXAS (December 15, 2023) — Get ready, North Texas! Brace for the groundbreaking arrival of The Brilliance Ball on May 3, 2024, at The Social Space in the historic Near Southside district of Fort Worth. This unique experiential event will prove that when you bring innovation, empowerment, and creativity together through technology, you set the stage to change lives by giving youth aging out of foster care the access and power to improve their lives. This is the inaugural fundraising event for Resources Inspiring Success and Empowering (RISE), a North Texas-based nonprofit organization. RISE Founder Renika Atkins is delighted to announce the 2024 co-chairs for this trailblazing event as Christie Eckler and Estrus Tucker.

Christie Eckler, the force behind CME Consulting LLC, is an innovative, results-oriented community advocate with a track record of fostering purposeful philanthropy. Her knack for bringing people together, united by a cause or purpose, has helped her teams, clients, and partners raise millions in private and public funding. Eckler’s collaborative approach and boundless energy are driving forces for change, rooted in compassion, integrity, and accountability. Eckler’s purpose is to help those who help others, and she has been a dedicated supporter of RISE since its early days, when Founder Renika Atkins created the nonprofit, now serving over 100 youth in foster care through STEM education, housing, and mentoring.

Estrus Tucker, co-founder, President & CEO of DEI Consultants LLC, a keynote speaker, and master facilitator, brings the transformative power of the arts to The Brilliance Ball. Tucker’s creative toolbox includes transformational reflective practices harnessed to facilitate civic engagement and community building. He’s a recipient of the 2012 International Association of Human Rights Agencies (IAOHRA) Individual Achievement Award, recognized for his pioneering work in creative civic engagement and transformational leadership across the globe. Tucker’s mission is to inspire courage, human dignity, community belonging, nonviolent engagement, and justice, all in the pursuit of a world that works for all.

When asked what she was the most excited about, Eckler stated, “Collaboration is the key to creating memorable events, and as co-chair with Mr. Tucker, I look forward to raising support for RISE by fostering innovation and creativity in our event stewardship.” Eckler went on to say, “The most exciting part for me is the people already coming together for the event, and that group is filled with brilliant minds, so the event is accurately named The Brilliance Ball.”

Experience The Brilliance Ball: A STEMspire Evening, where professionals, stakeholders, and community leaders unite for a night of innovation, all in support of young adults transitioning from foster care to STEM. This event is more than just an evening; it’s a transformative movement dedicated to empowering these remarkable individuals. Our mission is clear: equip them with the essential resources, mentorship, and education they need to thrive in STEM careers.

Join us for an unforgettable night filled with innovation, inspiration, and lasting impact at ‘The Brilliance Ball: A STEMspire Experience.‘ Be a part of this powerful movement that is changing lives and shaping a brighter future. Become a partner today!”

Event Highlights:

Immersive STEM Experiences: Dive into a world of technology and science with hands-on activities, interactive displays, and cutting-edge demonstrations. Witness the magic of STEM and uncover its limitless potential.

Awards & Scholarships: Join us in celebrating the brilliance of young minds and the unwavering dedication of corporations. We’ll honor outstanding achievements in STEM education and advocacy and watch as future leaders of innovation receive well-deserved awards and scholarships, setting them on a path to success.

Empowering Change: Your support at “The Brilliance Ball” directly benefits RISE, an organization committed to providing stable housing, mentorship, advocacy, and educational support to young adults transitioning from foster care. Together, we’re transforming lives and creating brighter futures.

Celebrating Corporate Excellence: We’ll pay tribute to corporations with exceptional commitment to advancing STEM education and innovation. Their visionary leadership has transformed industries and opened doors for young adults to excel in STEM fields.

About RISE: Resources Inspiring Success and Empowering (RISE) is a North Texas-based nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering young adults transitioning from foster care. RISE provides essential resources, mentorship, and educational support, creating opportunities for a brighter future.


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