The Journey of Beauty and Babiche

Dennise Babiche’s journey to owning Beauty and Babiche is a testament to following one’s passion and turning dreams into reality. From her early days experimenting with makeup on her father to becoming a revered makeup artist and hairstylist, Babiche’s story is one of determination and resilience.

Growing up in New Jersey, Babiche found herself drawn to the world of beauty at her godmother’s salon, surrounded by family members who were beauticians. “I always loved makeup,” she recalls, “and would even practice my skills on my dad when I was little – he was my first client.”

Despite initially pursuing a career in medicine, Babiche’s true calling led her to the realm of makeup and hair design. After graduating from North Crowley High School, she embarked on a journey that would ultimately lead her to Stephen F. Austin University and the Art Institute of Dallas, where she honed her skills in fashion merchandising, marketing, and design.

Her passion for makeup and hair styling blossomed during her college years, earning her the nickname “Salon de Babiche” among friends and sorority sisters. It was during this time that the concept of Beauty and Babiche was born – a name that would soon become synonymous with quality and expertise in the beauty industry.

With over a decade of experience in the field, Babiche’s dedication to her craft was unwavering, even during the challenging times brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. “I was determined to practice my craft,” she reflects, “and landed my first professional makeup job at MAC cosmetics in October 2020.” Her hard work paid off, as she quickly rose to the position of Business Manager, gaining valuable experience in both makeup artistry and business management.

However, tragedy struck in March 2022 with the passing of her father, leaving a void that seemed insurmountable. “His passing made me realize the importance of following my dreams,” Babiche shares, “and I knew I had to take the next step.” With renewed determination, she set her sights on opening her own makeup studio, a dream she had long held dear.

In January 2023, amidst the support of the Fort Worth Metropolitan Black Chamber of Commerce, Beauty and Babiche officially opened its doors. Located in Arlington, near the Parks Mall, Babiche’s studio offers a range of services, from cosmetic and permanent makeup to hair styling and eyelash extensions.

For Babiche, having her own studio represents more than just a business venture – it’s a place where she can unleash her creativity and make a difference in people’s lives. “Having my studio has been a game-changer,” she enthuses. “No more lugging around supplies or turning my house into a storage unit. Now, I can focus on what I love most – making people feel beautiful.”

As Beauty and Babiche continues to thrive, Babiche remains committed to her vision of empowering others through the transformative power of makeup and hair design. With each brushstroke, she’s not just enhancing outer beauty but also instilling confidence and self-assurance in her clients – a legacy that truly embodies the spirit of Beauty and Babiche.

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