Chandon Sanders, have collaborated to purchase Ninja Sushi restaurant, a beloved fixture in the Fort Worth dining scene.
Fitzhugh, 50, is owner of downtown Fort Worth’s Basic Bar, and Sanders, 36, is known for his pivotal role in revitalization of The Local, a popular West 7th Street-area bar. Their acquisition of Ninja Sushi at 4714 SW Loop 820, represents a significant step in their entrepreneurial journeys which they describe as “going from local business owners headed to becoming influential city moguls.”
Both Fitzhugh and Sanders have a deep connection to Fort Worth, each having contributed significantly to the city’s vibrant business landscape. Fitzhugh’s Basic Bar is a testament to his knack for creating spaces that resonate with the community, while Sanders’ transformative work at The Local showcases his ability to rejuvenate and innovate in the hospitality sector.
“This venture is not just about expanding our business interests; it’s about deepening our roots in a community we love and respect,” Fitzhugh said. “We’re excited to bring our combined experience to a place we’ve always admired.”
Sanders added, “Our collaboration is a natural extension of our shared passion for this city. Revitalizing Ninja Sushi is not just about writing a new chapter it its story, but also about contributing to the narrative of Fort Worth’s growth and vibrancy.”
The duo’s vision for Ninja Sushi includes elevating the dining experience while staying true to the qualities that have made the restaurant a local favorite. Plans include menu innovations, enhanced customer experiences, and community-focused initiatives, all aimed at reinforcing Ninja Sushi’s status as an affordable culinary landmark in Fort Worth.
This acquisition marks a significant milestone in the careers of Fitzhugh and Sanders, further solidifying their reputations as they move to becoming key players in the city’s economic and cultural development. Their partnership is a powerful demonstration of the impact local entrepreneurs can have when they come together with a shared vision for their community.

As Fort Worth continues to flourish, the story of Andy Fitzhugh and Chandon Sanders represents a broader narrative of local empowerment and entrepreneurial spirit. Their commitment to the city and its people sets a precedent for future growth and collaboration within the community.


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