From rapping to wrapping

Franklin Moss went from rapping East Coast rhymes to wrapping bespoke fabrics. A product of Fort Worth’s Stop 6 community, Moss is proud to represent his neighborhood at his storefront located at 2800 Yeager Street in Fort Worth. With “custom fit, custom fabric, custom styles,” Franklin & Anthony is the place where masterpieces are created that “make an unforgettable impression.”

While attending Prairie View University Moss was entrenched in the music scene. As an artist he was not a stranger to the stage. His rapping held its own, but a friend encouraged him to go into fashion. He did have a knack for fad that went back to sewing in home economics class in middle school. As he grew, so did his love for style.

“My friend told me very few people were doing fashion, especially men’s fashion and he thought I would do well. So, I started hosting and volunteering at fashion shows,” says Moss.

He dove into the fashion world. He hosted shows, did the lights, emceed, manned the door, did the media and promotions. He volunteered and built a strong network. As the fashionable gentleman behind the scenes, he learned a lot about personal style.

In 2018 Moss got a partner, left his bank job, and opened Franklin & Anthony. His passion for fashion goes beyond suits. His accessories include shoes, belts, shirts, hats, socks, pocket squares and more. His showroom is a one-stop shop for style. While men make up most of his clientele, he also styles women.

“Most of my clients are men, but I would welcome more women customers.”

Moss is known as the style-maker. He creates an experience. His custom designs are not off the rack. With his tape measure around his neck, the experience starts with a conversation before a measurement. He listens, answers questions and advises. Moss’s creations are a work of art for any occasion: corporate, casual, or formal. A suit is just a suit until it is customized with personal style and fabric.

To read the full story, click on the cover of the June 2023 issue.


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