A mother daughter duo: Rosa Navejar and Rachel Phillips

Most people in the Fort Worth business community are very familiar with Rosa Navejar, she seems to be everywhere all at once. There are many reasons Navejar can do so much, but one of the major one happens to be her daughter, Rachel Navejar Phillips who works by her side. Together, this dynamic duo runs The Rios Group, Inc., a civil engineering company specializing in subsurface utility engineering (SUE) and utility coordination (UC). Their company is responsible for locating utility lines for construction projects. Though their services appear to be a small part of a construction project, the service is vitally important. The Rios Group performs locates during the design phase of projects. Completing this step during this phase eliminates the possibility of heavy equipment hitting utility lines (electric and gas) during construction. The service enables their clients to save money and time by being proactive in locating these lines on the front end of any type of construction. Once the utility lines are located, their clients can save money on construction and risk.  Finally, the work of The Rios Group helps planners design around where utilities are already located or help determine which lines might need to be moved.

Overall, their company ensures safety to workers which is paramount to any construction industry work. They pride themselves on being the best at what they do and credit the entire team of 78 employees for getting them there. With the ongoing development of commercial and residential real estate as well as the infrastructure to support it, The Rios Group will be busy for the foreseeable future. Technology will eventually change how they do business, but right now, that technology has not been created. Their business is small and growing, but regardless of how much they grow, they are focused on providing the same level of quality service they have always done. Asked if they are preparing the next generation to take over for them, Navejar responded, “LOL, I am not ready to leave yet.” Phillips concurs and jokes that her mother will be sending e-mails on her death bed.

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